About The Beth Stephans Team:

"I have always enjoyed the mortgage industry because it allows me to be creative and help my clients find the best possible financing options for their needs. I look at my clients as “customers for life” and take pride in creating a long term relationship with them. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a referral from a past client, then you know you have done your job well." - Beth Stephans About The Beth Stephans Team

The Beth Stephans Team brings with them over 36 years of mortgage experience. What sets them apart is their combined knowledge of all sides of the mortgage process from origination to closing, giving them a unique perspective of the transaction, along with a hands on approach through out mortgage process. We look forward to the opportunity to work together.. Their backgrounds include being Partners at Express Mortgage Group, Inc., an accounting degree from Villanova for Mrs. Stephans and a business degree from Rosemont for Ms. Giombetti.

Working with The Beth Stephans Team you have access to the team 24/7.